Tag Manager und Google Analytics 4 - Shopware Plugin

The GA4 plugin from D-I-S helps to set up comprehensive tracking. It is based on Tag Manger and all tags for tracking are also created and triggered there. The plugin generates all necessary DataLayer for tracking for a comprehensive e-commerce tracking for Google Analytics 4 as well as for Google Ads. The plugin was developed in cooperation with the performance marketing agency MISSION OM GmbH.


The plugin is currently compatible with Shopware 6. The development for Shopware 5 has already started and will be launched soon.

The following events are generated via the DataLayer:

GA4 E-Commerce Events

Google Ads Tracking

More GA4 Events

Buy the plugin in the Shopware Plugin Store. Currently for the version Shopware 6.4. Aktuell für die Version Shopware 6.4.

A step by step guide to setting up the plugin with videos. Download the container setting here.

Analyze your e-commerce data using our free Google Data Studio template.